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Pacing, your next step

So, you have an idea for a short story.  You have the uncanny itch to create with both hands, and the content is swimming around in your brain, desperate for the crack of free time to pour through.  It’s a good idea too!  You’ve got a good idea, and you have told other people about … Continue reading

Hey guys and gals, Fall break is coming up soon! So, from October 8-11, the Sanskrit team will not be in our office. However, feel free to continue to submit your poems, short stories/essays, and art work. The Deadline is NOVEMBER 4TH, which is the first friday in November. Also, if you’d just like to … Continue reading

25 Writing Insights from smart people

… until I can come up with more brilliant tips of my own 🙂 These are actually extremely insightful and point out things that, well, you should know already, but sometimes get lost in the mania of “I have to sit and write at this time of day and it has to be brilliant and it has … Continue reading

Pacing, Part Next

So, we’ve talked about why an audience needs pacing, seen examples of bad pacing, and seen how large obvious pacing issues could occur.  Now its time to move on to pacing proper: how to pace.  I’m gonna throw it over to the awesome people at Extra Credits this week – its an animated series about … Continue reading

Poesía Internacional

This is a sonnet (not Shakespearean) that I wrote for my Spanish Creative Writing course earlier this year.  Enjoy and, if you care enough, translate.  It tells quite a story. El Arrepentimiento Bianca Jones Perdida en un ciclo de engaño Tejido por presión de la sociedad Se relacionan, con una salvedad Al prestigio no se … Continue reading

David Johnson’s Voices of Sudan and Voice of Beauty

“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou This is the quote David Johnson used to start his book, Voice of Beauty. Johnson travels to some of the poorest places, capturing the pain and suffering of the people that live there through his photography. Johnson has published two books containing … Continue reading

Bedroom is a Morgue

  Anis Mojgani, Bedroom is a Morgue at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.


“Marshall Soulful Jones, part of Team Nuyorican 2011, 2nd place finishers at the National Poetry Slam in Boston, perform “Touchscreen”. The Bowery Poetry Club NY”    


By Marty Shoenleber III. Be inspired and enjoy. -Athina

Buddy Wakefield

Buddy Wakefield, a two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, performs Pretend.  

Leonard Cohen: A Thousand Kisses Deep

I’m not really one for sappy love poems, but nothing portrays passion quite like this one. -Athina    

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